5 Best Preschool Social Studies Activities For Kids

It is never too early to start teaching children about themselves and the world around them. Research shows that having your child involved in social studies classes makes them better able to understand concepts like fractions, place value, shapes, time, etc. That’s why you should always plan for a few social studies activities for preschoolers. Here are some of the best preschool social studies activities to help you build your child’s confidence and reduce stress!

Favorite Things Competition

One of the best ways to learn about others is by knowing what they love. That’s why you can use this game to teach children how other people think. Talk with your child about something they love, and then see if anyone will disagree with them!

This develops their ability to create new ideas, different perspectives, and respect for other cultures! Just make sure whatever object or item of clothing your child chooses to represent themselves will also be something they can live with and won’t break!

The kindergarten set of social studies activities has been designed to aid in developing kindergarten exponents such as listening, observation, and memory.

This is because these skills are fundamental for kindergarten children who will eventually enter later stages such as junior primary school (grade 1) and should be able to apply their new-found knowledge; using it during this early stage enables them to become more independent learners.

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Maps With the Sound Button

This game is excellent for fine motor skills and visual perception! Grab some construction paper, markers, glue or crayons, buttons that make a sound when pushed in them, etc. Then give your child something to color on top of the drawing they are doing at school already.

It’s even better if you can have both children draw their maps using different colored pencils so there is still enough contrast for them to see what colors they should use. Once you have their map completed, please talk with your child about places they may go when they are older.

Show your child how close the town is to its neighbor cities etc., take this opportunity to teach even more geography!

Social studies skills are essential to a preschooler as they help them improve their comprehension of social studies and develop the skills needed for future learning. Preschool social studies activities will also give your kid a chance to foster morality, curiosity, and imagination through daily chores like cooking or sorting out toys.

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Place Value Game

Place value is a valuable skill that will help your children know how many small and large objects they can use to figure out what other things are worth. This becomes even more obvious if you have pictures of the money pieces on them!

Just involve your child in memorizing these numbers, so memories stay fresh for the future too! For example, it’s still very possible for students to remember 5- year olds being able to multiply and divide huge numbers, so invest in them a few cheap number puzzles.

This will also help the student learn to count as well! They’ll be able to recall how many go into four or any other math problem you teach them quickly, with it building their ability for memorization even more efficiently than regular worksheets!

There are many preschool lesson plans and activities that can help develop preschoolers’ skills. These lesson plans include a variety of themes such as art, geography, music, science, and so on. It is essential to guide children from early childhood stages towards developing literacy to be successful at school.

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Counting and Shaving Cream Selectors

This activity may sound silly, but it’s not too difficult or embarrassing to attempt either. Allow your student to take out small amounts of shaving cream onto the napkin you have provided them, then challenge them by watching them control their art movement with what they are doing. This will create an excellent connection between numbers and mathematical mobility!

Social studies lessons can give preschoolers a great experience, and it has become less common in schools. Social studies lessons are not difficult for four-year-olds, so feel free to enjoy them with your child!


Place the two playing cards together & make your student show you what they can predict by holding them up. Write different shapes on each card to give varied answers; for example, right-handed people will select the heart if instructed to “draw hearts.”

This is an excellent way of conveying ratios and other math concepts that are harder to teach through time or words! They’ll have fun practicing these skills at school without being too stressed about their math abilities.

Social studies for preschoolers is a young children’s curriculum that focuses on the lives of people. It teaches children to understand, evaluate and analyze social situations around them.

Through activities such as creating their family trees or making classroom posters about past events, children will learn more about the world in which they live.

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What are social studies activities for preschoolers?

There are many social studies activities for preschoolers that you can do with your children. Some of the activities are:

  1. Go on a scavenger hunt around the house to find items that represent different cultures.
  2. Create an online world in which they play the role of a country or culture and then explore what it is like to live there by visiting places in their neighborhood, looking at pictures, reading books about the topic, etc.
  3. Make a world map of the neighborhood just for fun.
  4. Build an ice house by building up layers of blocks on top of each other, then cover them with water dishes or bowls (to represent snow); using goggles to simulate seeing through all the layers accurately is another option!

What are social studies for preschoolers?

Social study is a part of the curriculum in schools that helps students understand different types of people and cultures. It includes social institutions, values, beliefs, attitudes, institutions, and events.

An excellent way to introduce social studies for preschoolers is by showing them pictures of various countries with information about each country on the back.

What do you teach in kindergarten social studies?

The kindergarten social studies curriculum is divided into four parts:

  1. The first part of the curriculum is about learning to read and write.
  2. The second part of the curriculum is about thinking, studying, and expressing ideas.
  3. The third part of the curriculum covers people and how they work together in groups and organizations.
  4. The fourth part of the kindergarten social studies curriculum focuses on culture and exploring different ways to live your life.

How do you teach social skills to preschoolers?

It is a challenging task to teach social skills to preschoolers because they are very active and playful.

There are many ways of teaching social skills to preschoolers, such as:

  • Focus on their interests and make sure that you have an exciting activity for them to do.
  • Have a variety of toys available so that the children can choose what they want to play with, but make sure there is one appropriate toy for all ages.
  • Make learning activities into games by giving prizes at the end of rewarding good behavior.